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Friday, December 06, 2013

Jeffrey Goldberg: The Middle East conflict isn't about 'settlements'

Jeffrey Goldberg gets it partly right:
But there is danger in thinking that the removal of these settlements would bring about a liberal, enlightened Middle East. The danger is analytical: If you don’t understand what ails the Middle East, how can you possibly fix it? It is also dangerous to scapegoat Israel for problems it didn’t cause, in the same way that it has historically been quite dangerous to blame the Jewish people for problems they didn’t cause. Brzezinski’s native Poland provides lessons in this regard.
That's true. The problem is that Goldberg thinks that we should expel 500,000 Jews from their homes anyway, because it would put us on what he sees as a 'higher' moral plane.
Before I go on, the usual caveats: The settlement project -- especially those settlements far from Jerusalem that have been planted in the middle of thickly populated Palestinian areas -- is a strategic and moral disaster for Israel. The settlements should be dismantled. They threaten Israel’s standing in the world; they threaten to undermine the very nature and purpose of Israel. And so on. I’ve written before about the threat that settlements pose, at great length. 
What Goldberg misses is that not only won't dismantling the 'settlements' bring about a 'liberal enlightened Middle East.' Dismantling the 'settlements' will also do nothing for Israel's standing in the world. You see, the world only likes Jews when we're on the verge of being exterminated. The rest of the time, they consider us fair game.

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

My take is different from yours - the world likes Jews only when they're dead.

And it likes Jews only when they're victims to be pitied and not a strong, proud and fierce race.

All of which is true! Jewish submissiveness and attempts to show others "they know their place" only incurs them more hatred and contempt from others.

If only the Jews would stop worshiping the world like a bad parody of the pagans and actually worshiped G-d instead, they would gain respect. The Jew gains nothing by being the Narcissus Of The Nations.

Jeffrey Goldberg of all people should understand the Jew's guilt-ridden nature - not the rare expression of national purpose such as in the revanants integral to Zionism - is what makes it hard for him to assume a station as an equal among mankind.

Centuries of anti-Semitic assaults and internalized inferiority will not be easily overcome. And the Middle East conflict in broad relief, shows more than anything else, the Jews are far from being secure at home.

That is the most important feeling the Jewish people have not yet acquired and without it, quite frankly, all the "peace processes" in the world miss the point. Goldberg misses the big picture in front of him.


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