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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Incompetent or intentional?

Is President Obama incompetent or is his behavior intentional? Before I give you former Congressman Allen West's (R-Fl) answer, let me give you mine. His behavior is intentional. The fact that he's also incompetent is probably his only saving grace. Were he not so blatant about it, we would probably all be a lot worse off. By the way, that's one of the worst pictures of Mooch I can recall....
There are too many instances of destabilization of our economy – not to mention our national security — to believe this is just incompetence. It’s getting too easy to connect the dots between our foreign policy of snubbing allies and courting enemies, slow dismantling of our military readiness, money-printing, and control of education through Common Core. How can an entire administration be that incompetent? What do you think? Is there is an intentional nefarious design at play?

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At 8:59 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

The really frustrating part, I suppose it's to be historically expected, is that 99% of black Americans think the SOB walks on water and are willfully blind to any, I repeat any, criticism of Mr. Hussein Obama.

I too think all Hussein Obama's actions that weaken America are willful.

I could think of a good number of Americans who happen to be black whom I'd rather see in the White House: Colin Powell, Condi Rice (who could run rings around Hillary any day of the week!), Allen West himself, former Congressman JC Watts.

Supposedly, the Republican Party approached Colin Powell and asked him to run as Bob Dole's VP candidate. Dole would serve one term, then bow out and the Republicans would put Powell up for President. Supposedly, Powell was definitely very interested but said he had to get his wife's concurrence. She wasn't interested at all and wanted them to get the hell out of Washington ASAP. Understandable but Damn! :-(


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