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Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 years into the Obama administration, they're still blaming Bush....

Rick Richman notes this article by Haaretz's Ari Shavit in the New York Times, which blames former President Bush for the lousy agreement that the Obama administration is pushing to sign with Iran. Richman notes some of the things that the Left ignores.
It was not Bush who thereafter: (a) stood mute as the Iranian regime stole an election and brutally repressed a popular revolt; (b) met each failure by Iran to respond to his outstretched hand with an announcement there was still “time and space” for them to respond; (c) consistently opposed stronger sanctions by Congress only to claim credit for them once they were enacted; (d) is currently pushing a bad deal, claiming sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table but that stronger sanctions would cause them to leave it; and (e) is palpably salivating for a deal to “put more time on the clock” now that time is running out and Iran is approaching the goal line.
Last Thursday, in the course of his ObamaCare press conference, Obama was asked about critics who contend only tougher sanctions will make Iran capitulate. He responded that the purpose of sanctions “was to bring the Iranians to the table” and an agreement would “provide time and space” to test whether Iran is “prepared to actually resolve this issue.” “We can buy some additional months,” he said.
But the purpose of sanctions was not to bring Iran to the table, but make Iran comply with binding UN resolutions; and additional months are precisely what Iran needs to complete its nuclear program. Obama is about to pay them $10 billion, and reduce sanctions, giving them more time and space to cross the line. It is a fiasco that can’t be blamed on Bush.
Psychologists will tell you that in order to begin to correct your flaws, you have to own them - in order to begin to repair a relationship, you have to own your role in inflicting the damage. Rabbis will tell you that the first step in repentance is recognizing the fact that you have sinned. Those things are easier said than done for the Obama administration and their supporters. Change isn't coming anytime soon.

What could go wrong? 

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At 2:20 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Also, the psychological phenomenon of "transference".
I studied psychology in college under a wonderful professor, who was a behaviorist. His view was that one could Freudian study their childhood all day long. At the end of the time, the unchanged problem(s) remain. The essence of recovery and fulfillment is to change from pain and failure behavior to fulfillment behavior, normally done incrementally. But, as noted, one must first acknowledge that one is at A, when one wishes to be at B, or somewhere further along in the alphabet.

I don't think most liberal ideologues are capable of the honest insight necessary to see this beginning point. In their rigid thinking, they don't have the necessary honest self-insight.


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