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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A new low in 'honor' killings

But I'm sure that if we give them a 'state,' they'll stop behaving this way....

A 'Palestinian' woman from the village of Yata, near Hebron, has turned herself in to the 'Palestinian police' and admitted that she beat and hung her 21-year old mentally disabled daughter, who was pregnant. And you thought it was up to the 'courageous' 'men' to preserve family honor, didn't you?
It is alleged that the daughter was mentally challenged and was murdered after her mother found out that she was pregnant.
This family honour crime occurred in the town of Yata, near Hebron, and the daughter has become the twentieth Palestinian woman murdered on the grounds of family honour since the beginning of the year.
Sources in Hebron said the body of the 21-year-old woman was taken to Abu Al Hassan Al Qassem Hospital in Yata. The woman’s remains were referred to Abu Dees Forensic Centre for autopsy.
The Palestinian Police and Public Prosecution claim that an investigation has been launched and that its outcome will be announced shortly.
Sources in Yata and Hebron told Gulf News that the victim’s father and brother have disappeared since the crime was committed and that the Palestinian Police has been searching for them though the mother has turned herself in.
You don't think she's covering for those 'courageous' 'men,' do you?

Meanwhile, groups that fight for women's rights in 'Palestinian' society (is there such a thing?) condemned the murder.
The groups denounced the crime as “a disgrace” for every Palestinian who does not speak out or act to put an end to crimes against women that normally go unpunished.
They said that even though dozens of cases of “honor killing” have been reported in the Palestinian society, yet no attempt has been made to change the laws in a way to make such crimes punishable to the maximum.
“How many more women have to be murdered before you act,” said a group that fights violence against women addressing decision-makers. “Why does our Palestinian society stands helpless and unable to stop crimes of killing women.”
'Palestinian society' also stands helpless in the face of terrorism, selling land to Joooz... oh wait. Those aren't crimes. Those are good deeds in 'Palestinian society.' The people who do those things are heroes to the 'Palestinians.'

And the honor killers may as well be heroes too.
The current law treats honor killing with great leniency and normally the murderer goes away with a maximum of six-month prison term.
Of course, they might actually have to serve that six months rather than being released in exchange for kidnapped Jooz.

What could go wrong?

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Savages. The whole lot of'm. The poor daughter was probably a rape victim The NERVE of women who are raped!


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