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Monday, August 12, 2013

NY Times actually mentions crimes of three terrorists to be released

In something of a surprise, the New York Times actually briefly describes the crimes of three of the 'Palestinian' terrorists scheduled for release on Tuesday.
Israeli newspapers highlighted the crimes committed by the prisoners, most of whom have served 20 years or more in prison for deadly attacks against Israelis. The list of prisoners, which was released after midnight, included one of the killers of Isaac Rotenberg, a Holocaust survivor who was 67 at the time of his death in 1994, and the man who killed an 84-year-old Israeli, Avraham Kinstler, with blows from an ax. 
Israel’s Supreme Court heard petitions on Sunday by families of some of the victims who opposed the release of convicted Palestinians. Outside the courthouse, relatives of the victims held a small, quiet vigil.
One of them was Gila Molcho, the sister of Ian Feinberg, an Israeli lawyer who was bludgeoned to death by a Palestinian man wielding an ax in Gaza in 1993 while he was working on a project there. Ms. Molcho held a framed portrait of her brother, who was 30.
“Don’t let them come home as heroes,” she said of the prisoners to be released. “We will be left holding the pictures.” Weeping, she added, “They are terrorists, not soldiers.”
Abdel Aal Said Ouda Yusef, jailed since 1994 for throwing explosives and being an accessory to the killing of Mr. Feinberg and another man, appeared on the list of those to be released this week.
All of these terrorists were supposedly from before Oslo, but of these three only Kinstler's murderer Farej Salah al-Rimahi, was arrested before Oslo (1992). The murderers of the other two victims were arrested in 1994. Feinberg was murdered before Oslo in April 1993, but his murderer murdered someone else as well. Rotenberg was murdered after Oslo, in 1994.

I wish that the English language media would describe all of these terrorists' crimes in lurid detail, so you would all realize that these are not 'political prisoners.' For example, the man standing at the top left of the picture is apparently the father of Lior Tubul. Tubul and his friend Ronen Karamani HY"D (May God Avenge their blood) were kidnapped while hitchhiking near the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem, in the northern part of the city. They were later found bound and murdered outside of Ramot in the northern end of the city.
The two youths, Ronen Karamani, 18, and Lior Tubul, 17, were last seen Saturday night at the close of the Jewish holy day when friends dropped them off on a main road leading north from Jerusalem.
They had said they intended to hitchhike to the home of Tubul's girlfriend, who lives in the northern suburb of Givat Zeev and was about to leave on vacation in Eilat.
When the two youths did not arrive, police were notified, and search parties were organized. Helicopters, trained dogs and professional trackers took part in the search.
About 1:30 p.m. Monday, searchers found the bodies about 20 yards apart in a ravine off the road. One bore about 50 stab wounds, witnesses said, and the other's skull had been bludgeoned.
"The way they were tied down, the way they were stabbed points definitely to a political murder," Turner was quoted as saying. "There was no reason to think that these two normal, good teen-agers were murdered for any criminal reason."
Late Monday, police began a massive search for the killers, believed to be Arabs who picked the boys up on the road. Nearby villages were placed under curfew.
One of the murderers, Ibrahim Shammasina, was released as part of the terrorists for Gilad trade in October 2011. Shammasina was also involved in the murders of taxi driver Rafi Doron and IDF soldier Yehoshua Friedberg. Friedberg, a Canadian from Montreal, was also kidnapped while hitchhiking in 1993. He lived in Jerusalem and had to report to his IDF base extremely early on a Sunday morning, and there were no buses. His body was found off the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway near Shoresh.

Each of the terrorists being released destroyed one or more family's lives. Instead of being released from prison, they should be dying slow and painful deaths.


 There's a list of all 26 terrorists with a brief description of their crimes and their victims here.

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