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Monday, August 12, 2013

Immoral but courageous?

Lahav Harkov reports on the reaction of coalition and opposition MK's to the announcement late Sunday night that the government intends to free 26 'Palestinian' murderers as a gesture in honor of the 'Palestinians' coming to the 'peace table.' Among the reactions was this one:
Yesh Atid faction chairman Ofer Shelah also said releasing prisoners is immoral and undermines the government's sovereignty.
However, Shelah expressed support for the decision and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
"When you see a prime minister begin negotiations despite opposition from members of his party and others in the coalition, you understand that we have no choice but to support him. A prime minister needs courage to start talks, and we need to follow him," Shelah told Israel Radio.
So acting immorally and undermining the government's sovereignty is okay when some members of the coalition oppose doing it?

I would term such talk Orwellian, but in a tweet back to me, Lahav Harkov calls it Machiavellian.  After hearing his brilliant thinking, it will probably not surprise most of you that Shelah, like Yair Lapid, was a journalist in his previous existence (with apologies to Lahav for pointing that out).

Labor's Omer Bar Lev didn't do a whole lot better.
According to MK Omer Bar-Lev (Labor), the government rejected alternatives to releasing terrorists for political reasons.
"In the current situation, there is no doubt that the right thing to do to ensure Israel's future as a safe and prosperous country is to release prisoners, but it’s the worst alternative for our image, values and strategy," Bar-Lev said.
If what he wanted to say was 'we should have chosen the settlement freeze instead' (which is correct if you assume that we had to accept one of the three alternatives - at least it's reversible) then he should have said so. But then, we shouldn't expect any better from a founder of 'Peace Now.'

Anticipating more 'sacrifices for peace'....

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