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Friday, August 23, 2013

Breaking: Two explosions in Tripoli (Lebanon)

There have been two explosions in Tripli, Lebanon in the last few minutes.
13 minutes ago
MTV: The second explosion in Tripoli hit al-Maarad streed near caretaker PM Miqati's residence.
13 minutes ago
NNA: The second Tripoli explosion took place in the Mina area, amid the sound of gunshots in the city.
16 minutes ago
VDL (93.3): Civil Defense teams are working on treating the wounded in the Tripoli explosion.
18 minutes ago
LBCI: A number of people were wounded in the Tripoli blast.
18 minutes ago
MTV: A loud explosion was hear in the Zahriyeh area in Tripoli as worshipers were leaving al-Taqwa Mosque.
19 minutes ago
Al-Jadeed: A second explosion was heard in Tripoli.
24 minutes ago
LBCI: A loud explosion was heard in the northern city of Tripoli.

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