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Monday, August 12, 2013

Beitar Jerusalem soccer team: No more Sabbath games

In a move that's both the right thing to do and a smart business move (given the steadily increasing percentages of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem), the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team has announced that it will no longer hold its home games on the Sabbath.

Beitar Jerusalem FC said Sunday that it had come to an agreement with Israeli broadcasters to ensure that its home games will only be played on Saturday night or on weekdays.

The Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday evening and ends at sunset on Saturday night.

Israel's league games are often played before the end of the Sabbath, especially in the summer when the sun sets later in the evening. While some religious groups have voiced concerns over that in the past, this is the first time an Israeli team has pushed to make a definitive move on the issue.

Beitar spokesman Oshri Dudai told The Associated Press that the club was aiming to make it easier for the more religious or traditional Jewish Beitar fans to attend the team's games at Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium.

Dudai described the move as "a big achievement," and said club owner Eli Tabib had held lengthy negotiations with the broadcasters over the plans.

"It was not easy to reach this agreement, but we are trying it out this season," Dudai said.
A statement on the club's official website said that "despite the economic risk, Tabib preferred to accommodate the crowd and give more sectors of the community the option to come and support the team."

Israel has always held sporting events on Saturdays and Jewish holidays, apart from Yom Kippur, considered the holiest day of the year.
I don't particularly care for soccer, but who wants to go out there with me to support their decision (after October 7, and preferably during the week rather than on Saturday night)? 

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