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Monday, July 29, 2013

Who's a racist?

This article by Gonen Ginat is spot-on.

But that is not the real problem. The Israeli Left demanding the release of racist murderers is nothing new. One could even almost understand the government's decision to release killers: Not all the decisions made at the Prime Minister's Office are of the convenient variety. Sometimes you need to push the other side to a point where they are the ones refusing to cooperate, and not you. And it is very often true what they say: Things look different from the other side.

The problem is this: In demanding the release of racist murderers, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is declaring that he is not a partner. Racially motivated murders are the polar opposite of peace. You can't negotiate peace while simultaneously revering terrorists as heroes. Anyone demanding the release of racist killers is thereby declaring that he is not interested in peace.
As soon as the request for the release of these despicable killers was submitted, we should have announced that anyone who makes such a demand is basically proving that they do not want peace. The fact that Abbas is a Holocaust denier seeking to free racist murderers should render him unfit as a partner for anything.
Read the whole thing.

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