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Friday, July 12, 2013

What if an Arab country punished the 'Palestinians' and no one cared?

Khaled Abu Toameh reports that Egypt is punishing the 'Palestinians' for interfering in its internal affairs, but because Israel isn't involved, no one cares.
The Palestinians are now paying a heavy price for Hamas's and others' intervention in the internal affairs of Egypt.
Further, Hamas's rivals in Fatah and the Palestinian Authority are now repeating the same mistake by supporting the military coup against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
If and when the Muslim Brotherhood returns to power, they will do to Fatah and the Palestinian Authority what the Egyptian authorities are doing now to Hamas and Palestinian supporters of Morsi.
Sadly, the Palestinians have not learned the lesson from previous mistakes they made when they pushed their noses into other people's business. Each time the Palestinians get involved in internal conflicts in the Arab world, they always end up being the biggest losers
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been killed, injured and displaced in Syria over the past two years. Again, because some Palestinians have either joined the "rebels" or the pro-Assad forces, this is a self-inflicted tragedy.
In the past, the Palestinians paid a very heavy price for meddling in the internal affairs of Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and other Arab countries, but this price has not deterred them.
That meddling is also the reason most Arab countries have long despised the Palestinians, subjecting them to Apartheid laws and other punitive measures, including travel bans and deprivation of financial aid.
For earning the enmity and contempt of their Arab brethren, the Palestinians have only themselves to blame: they shoot themselves in the foot and then blame others for their misery.
They would be better served if instead they would start directing their energies toward solving their own problems and improving their living conditions -- exactly what the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas governments are not doing.
You have to wonder what would happen if the 'Palestinians' God forbid ever succeeded in driving the Jews into the sea. I suspect that Syria would invade seeking to recover 'southern Syria,' Jordan would invade seeking to recover Jerusalem and the 'West Bank' and that Egypt would invade because they could not sit on the sidelines and watch their rivals gobble up 'Palestine.' It would look a lot like - dare I say it? - 1948. 

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At 7:48 PM, Blogger cbusa said...

But if we accept the premise that "Palestinians" actually are from Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and other Arab countries, then their intervention is not being done as outsiders. They are taking part in the defense of their actual homeland. Of course, that is much less significant to the greater Arab world, as those countries will remain under Muslim domination regardless of which side wins, unlike their attempt to wrest control of the Jewish homeland.

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Shoofi said...

Great read shared..



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