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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mona Eltahaway going on trial in New York

For those who have forgotten her, Mona Eltahaway, the Egyptian darling of the J Street crowd, is going on trial in New York in the coming days for defacing one of Pamela Geller's posters in the New York City subways decrying Islamic violence.

For those who have forgotten just what Eltahaway did, please go to that last link. It's quite entertaining.

Eltahaway has already admitted her guilt - at least outside the court room.
After all this agitation, Eltahawy has now decided that it was finally time to do what one could have expected from a prominent writer long ago, and she has taken to the pages of the Guardian’s Comment is Free (CiF) website to make her case in writing.
It is quite obviously a weak case. The headline of her post announces “If anti-Muslim ads are protected, so must be my free speech right to protest” – but the text reveals that even Eltahawy is aware that her act of vandalism wasn’t really an exercise of free speech, because she admits: “I broke the law, yes.”
But Eltahawy adds defiantly: “So what? I broke it to make a point of principle. Eleven years after the 9/11 attacks, American Muslims are still being bullied and vilified.”
Indeed, Eltahawy tries hard to make the case that there is at least some “coincidental correlation” between the ads that denounce violent jihad as savage and various incidents of anti-Muslim violence and bigotry.
Read the whole thing

Eltahaway would probably be safer sitting in a New York jail than going back to Cairo. Maybe she ought to think about it.

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