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Monday, June 24, 2013

Change: Most frquently used one-word descriptions for Obama are 'Liar,' 'Incompetent'

My how times have changed. A newly released Pew poll finds that when people are asked for a one-word description of President Obama, the most frequently used words now include 'liar' and 'incompetent.'
“The survey finds that the one-word impressions people have of Obama have changed a great deal throughout his presidency. Terms like incompetent and liar now are among the most frequently used words to describe Obama. In April 2009, when his job approval was at 63%, these words were rare,” Pew says.
“Some positive descriptions - such as good and honest - continue to be used often to characterize impressions of Obama. And the word socialist is used about as often today as it was in Obama’s first year in office.”
Maybe the American people aren't so dumb after all.



At 4:31 AM, Blogger debbie said...

Big deal. It's just closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.


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