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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Unbelievable: CBC (Canada) airs unsubstantiated allegation of Israeli use of chem weapons

Two weeks ago, Canada's national broadcaster aired an unsubstantiated allegation that Israel used chemical weapons on 'Palestinian' children in Operation Cast Lead four and a half years ago.
[O]n April 26, CBC Radio’s “Information Morning Fredericton” program elected to air an unsubstantiated allegation claiming Israel intentionally used chemical weapons on Palestinian children in Gaza in the 2008-09 war with Hamas.
This inflammatory charge was made by Tracy Glynn of the Fredericton Peace Coalition who stated the following in an interview on an exhibit curated in Fredericton depicting fake Gaza art: “The exhibit depicts one of the most brutal events that happened in the history of Gaza with the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead which killed over a thousand people in Gaza including 320 children, so this exhibit, done by children who survived that air raid, use of chemical weapons, it depicts what they see happening in their lives, the events that happened as well as the aftermath of that…”
You can listen to the broadcast here.  Unbelivable.... Israel has never used chemical weapons on 'Palestinian' children or anyone else.

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