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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Satellite images before and after Damascus Airport strike and a warning to Assad

One of the targets struck during Israel's alleged May 3 and 5 strikes in Syria was a container terminal outside Damascus airport that contained weapons for shipment to Hezbullah. On Wednesday evening, Channel 2 showed before and after satellite images of the container terminal (see the pictures above) (Hat Tip: JPost). Doesn't look like there's much left, does it?

Meanwhile on Wednesday, a 'senior Israeli official' issued a stark warning to the Assad regime not to strike back.
The Israeli official said: “Israel is determined to continue to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah. The transfer of such weapons to Hezbollah will destabilize and endanger the entire region.”
“If Syrian President Assad reacts by attacking Israel, or tries to strike Israel through his terrorist proxies,” the official said, “he will risk forfeiting his regime, for Israel will retaliate.”

In his comments, the Israeli official noted that “Israel has so far refrained from intervening in Syria’s civil war and will maintain this policy as long as Assad refrains from attacking Israel directly or indirectly.”
“Israel,” he said, “will continue its policy of interdicting attempts to strengthen Hezbollah, but will not intercede in the Syrian civil war as long as Assad desists from direct or indirect attacks against Israel.”
Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, declined to discuss the meaning of the Israeli official’s statement. “We’re not going to comment on the story,” he said.
 Oh and by the way, that 'senior Israeli official' contacted the Times and not the other way around. Hmmm.

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