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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meet a victim of terror in Boston

Meet 8-year old Martin Richard, who was murdered in Monday's terror attack on the Boston Marathon finish line (Hat Tip: Bad Blue).
An eight-year-old boy waiting at the finish line to give his father a hug was among three people killed and more than 144 injured when two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon.

Martin Richard was standing with his mother and sister, who both suffered horrific injuries when bombs hidden in rubbish bins exploded within seconds of each other during the Patriots’ Day bank holiday.
According to the Daily Mail, Martin's mother suffered brain injuries, and his 6-year old sister lost a leg. Here's a picture of the entire family.

Martin Richard died after the first of two bombs hidden in trash cans were detonated within 12 seconds of each other during the Patriots' Day bank holiday yesterday, sending terrified runners and spectators fleeing for their lives and leaving a scene of 'unspeakable horror'.

Neighbors told MailOnline about the moment his father, Bill Richard, returned home still wearing hospital scrubs on Monday night and looking like the 'walking dead' as he struggled to come to terms with his son's death and injuries suffered by his wife and six-year-old daughter.

As well as Martin, two other victims - including a woman in her 20s - lost their lives in the blasts.


Seventeen of the injured are in a critical condition and CNN reported that at least 10 victims have needed amputations. At least nine of the wounded are thought to be children, including a two-year-old boy who suffered a head injury.


According to the Boston Globe, Martin Richard, from Dorchester, Massachusetts, may very nearly have cheated death after walking out to embrace his father Bill Richard as he went to cross the finishing line.

But when Mr Richard walked on, the youngster turned back to rejoin his mother and two of his siblings just as the first bomb exploded.

His six-year-old sister lost a leg in the blast and his mother Denise is in hospital after undergoing brain surgery. Martin's older brother, believed to be in the fifth grade, escaped injury.

Mr Richard is a popular community leader in the Boston suburb. Martin was a keen baseball player, climber and runner and was a member of Savin Hill Little League team. On Twitter, Maeve O Brien called him 'the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met'.

Bill Richard was still in hospital scrubs and was unable to speak or even look at anyone because he was so upset at the death of son Martin, neighbors told MailOnline.

Jane Sherman, 64, said that Mr Richard came home for around 10 minutes at 10.30pm last night to get some clothes.

'He looked like the walking dead,' she said. 'If you just lost a child and your other daughter was in the hospital I don't think you would feel any differently.

'He didn't even look at me and his friend came over to tell me. He told me that Martin had died and that the others were in the hospital.'

Ms Sherman explained that Mr Richard is on the St Marks Area Main St Group, a local traders association, and his wife Denise, a stay-at-home mom, is on the neighborhood watch board.

'There are no words to describe this whole situation,' she said. 'They have lived in the neighbourhood for 20 years and... I've seen those boys grow up. They are a wonderful family and this is a horrific tragedy. I don't know if they are ever going to get over this.'

Another child hurt in the blast was 11-year-old Aaron Hern, of Martinez, California, who was hit by flying shrapnel in his thigh as he waited for his mother to cross the finish line. He is being treated at Boston Children's Hospital and is expected to undergo further surgeries.

At a press conference outside Mass Gen hospital on Tuesday morning, Dr George Velmahos, chief of trauma surgery at the hospital, revealed that eight patients between the ages of 28 and 71 remained in critical condition at the hospital.

Among them four people had undergone amputations, and he said they were still trying to save two legs. Other injuries included wounds from 'pellets, shrapnel, nails', which he believed came from the bombs. Some victims were hit by '10, 30, 40' pieces and most injuries were to the lower extremities.
Much, much more here.

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At 9:11 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Color me cynical but I'm not optimistic that Eric Holder's Justice Department will ever arrest anyone for this. Ever. They typically don't seem to ever move very fast whenever Americans are slaughtered, either outside the US or at home. There's always some tortured reason why everything has to be 'studied' forever.


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