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Monday, April 22, 2013

Iranian using fake Israeli passport arrested in Nepal

An Iranian using a false Israeli passport was arrested by the Israeli embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal and turned over to Nepalese authorities.
The man was reportedly planning a series of terrorist attacks against both the embassy and Israeli tourists in Kathmandu, Channel 2 reported.

The man, who was arrested on April 13, was identified as Mohsin Khosravian. He was handed over to the Kathmandu police.

Security officials at the embassy suspected the man, who was carrying a tourist map of the Lazimpat area, was scouting the facility with harmful intention.


He hid his Iranian passport and used a fake Israeli passport instead when arriving at the Tribhuvan International Airport on April 3. Investigation found he used his original passport to enter Malaysia on March 31 and apparently acquired the fake Israeli passport in Kuala Lumpur.

Mohsin claimed that after facing loss in his garment business, he arrived in Nepal intending to go to Europe to seek asylum. He was discovered when his Thai wife and two of his Iranian relatives arrived in Kathmandu from Bangkok, where Mohsin has been residing for five years.
I wonder how many Iranians and other terrorists are residing in third countries waiting to be 'activated.' 

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