Sunday, April 07, 2013

'Brave' Anonymous hackers hack website for kids with cancer

Those 'brave' Anonymous hackers attacked a web site for Israeli kids with cancer.
Several dozen sites belonging to Israeli NGOs have been damaged, the web vandals claimed, including that of Larger than Life, and NGO for children with cancer.
"The website of Larger than Life has been under attack from pro-Palestinian hackers for a week," Larger than Life wrote on its Facebook page Thursday, "and every day they take down our site and plant different content – flags, a skull, symbols and all sorts of hate-related things."
"It is too bad that this is happening, of all places, to a website for an organization whose purpose is one of love, and assistance to every cancer stricken child under treatment in Israel, without differentiating on the basis of religion, race or nationality."
These bullies should pick on someone their own size. 


  1. Hopefully those who hacked the site will end up with cancer thamselves.