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Friday, March 01, 2013

'Palestinians' preparing for new intifadeh by digging graves

The 'Palestinians' are preparing for a third intifadeh by digging graves in the Dheisheh 'refugee camp' near Bethlehem, according to a report in Haaretz.
“We don’t want another intifada,” says Fatah leader in Dheisheh Mohammed al-Jafari, facing the rows of new, empty graves. “We are the last generation you can make peace with. There’s a five-year window of opportunity.”
The new plot is near a small graveyard where dozens of martyrs from Dheisheh are buried. Anyone killed in clashes with Israel is a martyr to them − including youths who threw stones at military vehicles, armed militants who died in clashes with soldiers and suicide bombers.
But younger 'Palestinians' do want a fight.
The younger generation, however, is spoiling for a fight. At a procession in Dheisheh marking the Fatah’s 48th anniversary in January, youngsters brandished weapons. Young people from al-Arroub this week threw stones at cars on Route 60 until IDF troops drove them away.
Teens and children from Aida have been throwing stones, firebombs and grenades toward Rachel’s Tomb, located in a Muslim cemetery adjacent to the camp, for the past four months. A few years ago Israel surrounded the site with walls. During Operation Defensive Shield 75 firebombs were hurled at it within an hour. A catapulted explosive charge passed over the wall and exploded in a soldiers’ guard post, which was empty at the time.
Every clash with soldiers is filmed from local rooftops and uploaded onto YouTube. Following the disturbances, the Border Police troops in the area have been reinforced by snipers and commandos.


“If you tell them there’s no point in throwing stones they call you a Shin Bet collaborator,” says al-Jaffrey. “So we ask people their age to tell them they’re wrong. It would be a shame to have young people killed here.” 
 What could go wrong?



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