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Friday, March 01, 2013

'Palestinians' don't want US troops here either

These two nutcases may want to insert US troops between Israel and a 'Palestinian' reichlet, but even the 'Palestinians' have said 'no, thank you.'
"We will not agree to the presence of any foreign forces in our territories," spokesman for various Palestinian groups said. "Such forces, especially if they are led by the U.S., would be viewed as an occupying power."
Those who are opposed to the deployment of foreign troops in the Palestinian territories say that they would never accept a situation "where Israeli occupation is replaced with another occupation."
The Palestinians were commenting on a 2009 report that resurfaced this week, entitled, "A Last Chance For A Two State Israel-Palestine Agreement."
The report was co-authored by then-Senator Chuck Hagel, who was confirmed this week as US Secretary of Defense. It talks about deploying a "US-led multinational force" which would "feature American leadership of a NATO force supplemented by Jordanians, Egyptians and Israelis."
I guess the 'Palestinians' really feel much warmer about the US since President Hussein Obama took office. What could go wrong?

Shabbat Shalom everyone. 

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