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Monday, March 04, 2013

'Israel lobby' author Stephen Walt tells State Department why US foreign policy fails

On Friday, a few days after Chuck Hagel was confirmed as Secretary of Defense by the Senate, the State department heard from Stephen Walt, co-author of the paranoid screed that claims that the mysterious 'Israel lobby' controls the world. Walt's topic was the failure of American foreign policy (Hat Tip: Ricky G).
Stephen Walt, coauthor of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy and professor of international affairs at Harvard University, was the featured speaker at the Secretary’s Open Forum on Friday afternoon. His topic: “Top reasons American foreign policy fails,” according to a copy of the event flyer posted in the hallways of Foggy Bottom.
It is unclear how high the U.S.-Israel relationship ranked on Walt’s list.
One State Department insider provided the announcement flyer to the Free Beacon and expressed concern that the Department would host such a divisive figure.
Walt’s speech, which took place as Secretary of State John Kerry traveled overseas on his first diplomatic tour, came days after the Senate confirmed Chuck Hagel as secretary of Defense on a sharply divided vote of 58-41. Walt emerged as a strong supporter of Hagel’s nomination, defending the former Nebraska GOP senator’s remarks that the “Jewish lobby” “intimidates” elected officials on Capitol Hill. 


Walt celebrated Hagel’s confirmation in an item posted on his Foreign Policy magazine blog two days before his State Department remarks, while cautioning his followers that “it would be a huge mistake to conclude that the lobby’s clout has been broken and that Obama will now be free to chart a new course.”
The person who chooses speakers for the State Department's open forum is answerable directly to Secretary of State John FN Kerry. Aren't you glad that we reelected President Hussein Obama and that US foreign policy is now being run by the anti-Semitic three stooges? What could go wrong? 

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