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Monday, January 14, 2013

Congressional report: Iran running Golan listening post since 2006

A US Congressional report published last week suggests that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been running a Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) listening post on the Golan Heights since 2006. Information gathered from the post is being shared with Hezbullah.
While the report, prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, alleges Iranian intelligence activities in the Golan, it also painted a picture of limited capabilities that have fallen short of their goals.
"Iranians reportedly planned to create two additional SIGINT stations in northern Syria, which were expected to be in operation by January 2007, but no information indicates that they are currently operating," the report stated.
"The technology at the two established SIGNIT stations indicates that Iran’s capabilities are still limited, with little scope for high-level strategic intelligence gathering," it added.
Al-Qaeda backed Syrian Islamist rebels now control all of the border posts on the Golan with the exception of Quinetra, which remains in the hands of the Syrian army.

I find it curious that Iran was apparently not sharing this information with the Syrian government and wonder how they got permission to set this up without doing so. Maybe Syria (at least under Assad) has given up on taking the Golan by war and has deferred to Hezbullah?

For those who are wondering where I was until 2:00 this afternoon, I was (and still am) sick. I've had a cold and cough for the last two weeks (for which I finally visited a doctor yesterday), and this morning I added a really bad case of indigestion. Never eat a second supper at 10:30 pm..... God willing, this too shall pass....

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Hope you get well soon Carl.


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