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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Religion of rape: Egypt's Islamist government organizing rapes of protesters

The Islamist government of Mohammed Morsy is reported to be organizing gang rapes of female protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square.
Meanwhile there have been reports of organised rape taking place in Tahrir Square in order to intimidate protests there. While sexual assaults on women were reported as taking place in Tahrir Square as long ago as last February, including that of the CBS journalist Laura Logan who was molested for over 30 minutes by a crowd of men, mob sex attacks against female protesters are said to have increased during the the past year. Activists say that nearly 20 attacks have taken place in the past ten days.
The sexual assaults take place at around the same time of day, and usually occur on the corner of Tahrir Square and Mohammed Mahmoud Street. It is being reported widely that Egypt’s ruling party is paying gangs of thugs to beat up men who are protesting against Mohamed Morsi and his latest decree giving himself sweeping new powers, and also to sexually assault women involved in the protests.
The director of the Nadeem Centre for Human Rights, Magda Adly, says that the state sponsored gang violence that occurred under Mubarak “is still happening now.” She says “thugs are being paid money to do this… the Muslim Brotherhood have the same political approaches as Mubarak.”
Men have admitted that they have been paid to target female protestors, saying that they operate in a group of around 65 local men and are paid between £10 and £20 a time. But they would not reveal who pays them.
I'm surprised they have to pay them. Egyptian Muslims have a known penchant for sexually harassing women

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At 9:28 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

What are you saying, that a helluva lot of Egyptian Muslim men are pigs? ... Well, yeah, a helluva lot of Egyptian Muslim men are pigs. (I'm not one to make a habit of using such labels, but when the well-established behavioral pattern well and truly fits the label, that's that. Men who physically and/or sexually abuse women, men who do that for pay, they're disgusting and their behavior is uncivilized barbarism.)

Carl's the lawyer and he can tell us that under the Common Law, truth is an affirmative defense to slander and libel. Or at least it was so before the current touchy-feely age, when minority "feelings" trump Freedom of Speech and Press.

This is why I'm absolutely against so-called "hate speech" laws. They are censorship of speech and press, any way you cut it. One right we do not have in a Democracy is the right to not be offended. Unless Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press includes the right to say or print that which can make another person's blood boil, it means nothing. Mere "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of the Press" that covers the safe, the PC, the "everyone agrees...", means nothing.

In the "marketplace of ideas", as the great jurist and civil libertarian Louis Brandeis described it, "sunlight is the best disinfectant". If you don't like another's argument, don't try to censor that person, come up with a better counter-argument yourself.

/end-rant :-)


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