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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Shalit fallout: PFLP cell that planned to kidnap and ransom Israeli busted

The Israeli security forces have broken up a terror cell that planned to kidnap an Israeli to ransom in exchange for Popular Front for the Liberation of 'Palestine' leader Ahmed Saadat (pictured, center). Saadat was the leader of the terror cell that assassinated Tourism Minister Rechavam Zeevi in the Hyatt Hotel here in Jerusalem.
"Some of the members admitted to planning a kidnapping," the Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency]" added.
The Agency named Ashraf Abu Aram, 26, and Muhammad Zeitoun, 26 - both from Ramallah - as the two main suspects. Abu Aram allegedly founded the cell.
"Abu Aram got in touch with a weapons dealer to try and obtain two handguns and an automatic rifle," the Shin Bet said.
The suspects weighed carrying out a combined shooting and kidnapping attack on IDF forces, with the shooting designed to create a distraction. A second plan involved kidnapping an Israeli hitchhiker from the Jit Junction in Samaria, the northern West Bank.
The kidnap victim would have been taken in a van to a hideout apartment in Kafr Akab, on the outskirts of Ramallah.
Both men have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap a soldier and host of other security charges.
Two additional suspects affiliated with the PFLP have been arrested for plotting disturbances against security forces.
After the 'success; of the Gilad Shalit kidnapping and ransom, no one should be surprised that the terror organizations would like to try it again. 

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