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Monday, December 03, 2012

Jerusalem, where buying an apartment is a 'dangeorus provocation'

The moonbats at Piece by Piece Now are furious because 'Zionist settlers' have taken over three apartments in what's described as a 'Palestinian-owned building' in the 'east' Jerusalem neighborhood of Jebel Mukaber. They are describing the 'takeover' as a 'dangerous provocation.'

Isn't that a funny way to describe what happens when someone buys an apartment and moves into it?
In a statement released Monday, Peace Now said the move is "not only a dangerous provocation which is threatening the stability in the fragile situation of Jerusalem, but also a threat to the possibility to get to a two-state solution and a compromise in Jerusalem."
According to Palestinian official news agency WAFA, settlers on Monday took over three apartments in a Palestinian-owned building in Jebl Mukaber, claiming ownership of the apartments, according to Palestinian official news agency WAFA.
Quoting the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, WAFA reported the building had a demolition order from the Jerusalem Municipality for being built without a permit ten years ago.
Peace Now added the timing of the take-over is "not coincidental," as the government is planning to give the green light to building permits in all settlements, sending the message to settlers to hurry and establish facts on the ground.
The take-over follows a report by Peace Now released over the weekend, stating Israel this year published the largest number of housing tenders – 3,046 – in the last decade over the pre-1967 lines.
It calculated the number of housing tenders issued in east Jerusalem and the West Bank to place in perspective Israel’s announcement that it would publish an additional 3,000 such tenders, a move which it said, could bring the number of pending new units over the pre-1967 lines to 6,046 this year.
Useful idiots. 

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At 8:27 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

This is exactly why the title search maps will help. Because in order to go along with what these Peace Now people say, you have to discard the idea of equality of people, including the American constitutional equality of all people before the law.

Peace Now tries to tyrannically impose:

1. Jews are not allowed to buy/own property.

2. Palestinians are in a corralled class who are not allowed to decide who to sell their legitimately owned property to.

3. Peace Now is promoting the creation of an apartheid, Judenrein state, using various govts' confiscated taxes from their citizens to impose it.

Carl, you give them too much credit by calling them useful idiots. Rather, they know just what they are doing.

If the specific case is made with County Clerk title registries on the internet, these Peace Now people are shown as the marxist dictators that they want to be. They think they are the Master Class and they are just being nice by allowing the rest of us pawns to live in their world, albeit according to their "enlightened" and hideously imposed rules.


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