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Thursday, December 13, 2012

It starts: Rioting in Hebron before 'Palestinian' youth's funeral

There are 'clashes' in Hebron ahead of the funeral of a 17-year old 'Palestinian' who was shot last night after he approached IDF soldiers carrying what appeared to be a weapon. As it turns out, the weapon was a toy. This is from the first link.
Clashes broke out in Hebron on Thursday ahead of the funeral of Muhammad al-Salaymeh, the Palestinian teenager killed by a Border Police officer on Wednesday after his fake gun was mistaken for a real gun. Army Radio reported that some 50 Palestinians threw stones at an IDF post in the city and the soldiers responded with dispersal methods.

Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported that IDF soldiers fired tear gas directly at Palestinians, injuring five, who were then evacuated to the hospital.
The 'clashes' were not unexpected
It has been widely reported that his brother is Awad Salima Ziyad Awad, who was arrested on December 17th 1993 and convicted of murder during a hostile act, attempted murder, throwing a Molotov cocktail, and membership in a banned organization. Awad was released in October 2011 in the first phase of the Schalit Deal.
Border police on Wednesday said that al-Salaymeh had raised the suspicion of the officers, and when they asked him for his identification card "he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the head of one of the soldiers."
A Border Police officer at the checkpoint saw what took place, fired at the youngster and critically wounded him. Later, a police sapper determined that the gun was a toy pistol made of metal.
The Border Police officer said Thursday that she had acted quickly out of fear for her colleagues' safety, during an interview with Israel Radio.
""I realized within seconds that if I didn't act my colleagues would die," she told Israel Radio. "There was no time to verify if it was a real gun."
She said that the two grabbed each other, but she managed to shoot one bulled at the Palestinian, and after another officer tore him away she shot another two bullets.
The officer told Israel Radio that she was not afraid of an investigation into the incident because it was clear to her that she acted correctly. 
Meanwhile,  the 'Free Gaza' organization has helpfully tweeted that al-Salaymeh was killed while 'celebrating his birthday at school.' Schools are not in session at night, schools don't  hold sessions next to IDF patrols (close enough to grab an IDF soldier), and even if they did, people who pull guns in front of IDF soldiers cannot be ensured that their actions will be without consequences. Quite simply, 'Free Gaza' has lied again in a bid to incite riots. What a shock....

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At 3:32 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

So the fake gun incident was planned as such as a pretext for more rioting that they hope will descend into another intifada.


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