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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Former IAF chief: Time on Iran's side

Former IAF commander Ido Nechushtan told the JPost diplomatic conference on Wednesday that time is on the side of the Iranian nuclear threat.
Asking the audience to imagine the implications of a nuclear-armed Iran, Nehushtan cited the 1962 Cuban missile crisis between the US and the Soviet Union, which he said was cleverly managed and peacefully resolved by two responsible leaders at the time.
"Can you manage a crisis like this vis-a-vis a radical Islamic regime?" he asked, noting that a nuclear Iran would create a multi-nuclear Middle East. "This is a hot area, not built for cold wars," he added. "It's not an Israeli problem, but a regional and a world problem," he added.
Nehushtan described Iran's global arms and terrorism network as "an octopus," citing Iranian Fajr rockets in Gaza, Iran's presence in Syria, and subversive activities in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Thailand.
With regards to Tehran's nuclear program, "time is working only for one side... the Iranian side, by definition," he warned. "As time goes by, it becomes less and less possible to stop this problem," Nehushtan said. "The Iranians are masters of negotiations. They invented the game of chess. They know how to do the business. Time is working on their side."
Nehushtan said a "global toolbox" is in place to prevent a nuclear Iran, adding that "sanctions are having an impact, but so far, they have not achieved their goal [to stop the nuclear program]. This toolbox has to be filled with all the options, all the time, in a credible manner."
 Indeed. The rest of his speech was also fascinating. Read the whole thing.



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