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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A brief history of E-1

Paula Stern has a brief history of E1, which can be seen from her house (Hat Tip: Sunlight).
The history of E1 is very simple. It is but a mountain that lies between Maale Adumim and Jerusalem. Arabs regularly travel on the highway between Maale Adumim and the Dead Sea - the highway remains. There is no bisecting, no blocking, no break in the passage.

It is a mountain, soon to be green and developed. That is the history of E1, except for one huge point that the world forgets. Before the Jordanians, before the British, before the Ottomans, before the Romans...the land was, as it is today - ours. It was the ancient land of Israel; it is the modern land of Israel.

As for the countries of the world who say Israel threatens the peace - where were you two weeks ago when I ran with my children to our bomb shelter? Why did my son have to leave his wife to protect Israel's south from a thousand rockets?

It is too late now to tell us of peace - speak to Hamas first. You support a Palestinian state? Clearly you do - but it is Israel that must live with it and so we shall - if we have to. We will build and the world will scream. But we have learned that the world screams easily for that which is so minor and ignores that which really matters. Dozens died today in Syria as they did yesterday and as they will tomorrow - but yes, certainly, let's discuss a barren hill across from my back yard.
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At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip to Paula's site. Excellent counterweight to the hysteria engulfing the world about E1. Meanwhile, in Syria.... [crickets]


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