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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who won that war anyway?

How big a mistake was last week's 'cease fire'? Consider this: Hamas is already making threats about the next war.
In an interview with a Palestinian TV station in the Gaza Strip, [Hamas’s Minister for Prisoners Affairs, Atallah Abu al-]Sabah claimed that thousands of Israelis had fled to the North to escape from Hamas’s rockets and missiles.
“The era of Israeli victories has gone for good,” he said.
The Hamas official predicted that Israel would from now on rely on short-term wars “because it is not able to lead long-term wars of attrition.”
The claim that Israelis fled north is not entirely untrue. Recall this scene from Beersheva on the first night of the Operation:
Yes, that's the train station....

And then there's this from Khaled Meshaal himself:
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal was quoted Thursday as saying that “the resistance will soon occur in the West Bank too.”
Mashaal attributed the absence of “resistance” in the West Bank to “security pressure by all parties.” He said that although Hamas agreed to a cease-fire with Israel, this did not mean that the movement has relinquished the “resistance to achieve the liberation of Palestine.”
Stopping Operation Pillar of Defense without destroying Hamas was a mistake - a huge mistake. It's the second time Israel made that mistake, with the first being in Operation Cast Lead nearly four years ago. Will we get a third chance?

What could go wrong?

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