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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What do you expect him to say?

Reuters' Dan Williams reports that Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser told Israel Radio's Reshet Bet on Thursday morning that "the US never tried to veto an Israeli invasion or any other Gaza action."

Did you really expect Hauser to say in a radio interview that they did?

By the way, JPost's Lahav Harkov reports that only two ministers - Eli Yishai and Yuval Steinitz - opposed the cease fire.  Interesting. Steinitz (who is finance minister but is considered an expert on security) is a close confidante of Netanyahu and probably the only member of the cabinet who approaches his rumored 180 IQ (Steinitz's may even be higher).

But again, I don't believe that the number of ministers opposed means anything with regard to the question of whether or not Netanyahu was forced into this.

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