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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Peter Beinart a Jewish anti-Semite?

Caroline Glick demolishes Peter Beinart and J Street.
Beinart's attacks on Rupert Murdoch and others who criticize Jews who attack Israel have to be seen as a continuation of the J Street campaign against Israel's supporters in Washington. 
Jonathan provided the following quote from Beinart's assault on Murdoch: 
I don't think anti-Semitism is widespread on the American right, any more than it is widespread on the American left. But when expressed, it should be publicly condemned. Whether it masks itself as hostility to Israel or support for Israel should make no difference at all. 
You see what he is doing here.  
He is saying that there is no difference between those who support Israel and decry its critics and those who oppose Israel and decry its supporters.  
This post-modern moral equivalence is absolutely necessary. If you want to make a completely false argument sound reasonable, the first thing you have to do is erase all distinction between good and evil. (See the film clips in my last blog post.) 
We need to be aware of what Beinart and his allies are doing. In the coming months and years, we should expect more and more of Israel's supporters to be attacked as anti-Semites by leftist American Jews. The intention of people like Beinart and J Street is to demonize and discredit Israel's supporters just as Israel itself is being demonized and discredited.  
In the face of this new initiative it is imperative that we continue to point out the real distinctions.
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At 7:16 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

of course he is. were the US Spain in 1492, do you have any doubt that Beinert would be taking communion?

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Beinart wouldn't be a Converso, he'd be an Inquisitor ---- for our own good, of course.


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