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Monday, November 26, 2012

Vienna protesters call for 'death to the Jews'

In Vienna on Friday, protesters against Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense called for 'death to the Jews.'
Israel’s eight-day military operation to stop Hamas rocket fire from entering the country prompted two fiercely anti-Israel protests in the Austrian capital.
Samuel Laster, an Israeli journalist who lives in Vienna, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that he heard a contingent of 15 to 20 Austrian Islamists chanting in Arabic, “Death to the Jews.”
Laster first reported on the call to eliminate Jews on his website die juedische (“the Jewish”).
Speaking from Vienna by phone, he told the Post that a “mix of Austrian leftist radical extremists and Islamists” appeared at the protest. He estimated that at least 400 anti-Israel protesters, including Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood members and Palestinians, took part in the demonstration.
The demonstrators marched to the federal chancellor’s office.
The anti-Israel activists yelled “Freedom for Palestine” and “Down with Israel,” and a group of Austrian Muslims blasted repeatedly in Arabic “Death to the Jews.” Laster said the Austrian authorities, including the domestic intelligence agency (Verfassungschutz), must increase their efforts to combat “Islamic extremism.” He criticized the lax approach of Austrian police officials who waved off the anti-Jewish rhetoric as merely a protest against Israel.


At an earlier demonstration during the war, Austrian Islamists and Leftists screamed slogans calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. According to a report on November 16 on the Vienna news website Heute.at, protesters invoked slogans including “We are against the two-state solution” and “We are for a Palestine that is free from the West Bank and reaches to the Mediterranean and Israel will be wiped out.”
Heute.at reported that a large segment of the protesters were of Turkish and Arabic descent and yelled “Allahu akbar.”
Many Austrians still believe that they were victims of the Holocaust when the truth is that they were the top assistants to the perpetrators.

What could go wrong?

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