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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seven rioting 'Palestinians' wounded by IDF fire at Gaza border

Seven rioting 'Palestinians' were shot and wounded - one seriously - at the Gaza border fence on Wednesday, according to 'Palestinian' medical officials quoted by the Maan news agency.
Groups of Palestinians gathered on the Gaza side of the fence on Wednesday afternoon and spent several hours attempting to damage the barrier, the IDF said.
The rioting occurred on the border with both central and southern Gaza. IDF soldiers shouted out verbal warnings, an IDF spokeswoman said, adding that when their calls were ignored, shots were fired at the legs of those taking part in the violent disturbances.
Medical officials told Ma'an that one man sustained serious injuries, and was transferred to the hospital.
"The IDF will continue to secure the border and safeguard the Israeli public," the spokeswoman added.
Well, I certainly hope so. After the last few days, I had the impression that the IDF was ordered not to secure the border.  Apparently, so did the 'Palestinians.'

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