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Friday, November 30, 2012

Disgraceful: Israeli police prevent burning 'Palestinian' flag

The Israeli police - who never act to prevent the burning of Israeli or American flags by 'Palestinians' - grabbed a 'Palestinian' flag away from two members of the Israeli Knesset on Thursday in order to prevent them from burning it. Then, since they could not arrest the Knesset members, who have legal immunity, they arrested three of the activists who accompanied the Knesset members.

Three right-wing activists were arrested on Thursday at a protest outside the UN headquarters in east Jerusalem, after two members of Knesset attempted to burn the Palestinian flag. MKs Michael Ben Ari and Arieh Eldad (Strong Israel) wanted to burn the flag as a symbol of their opposition to the Palestinian bid at the UN for observer status.
“We will prevent any attempts to create a Palestinian state west of the Jordan river,” Eldad said outside the UN Headquarters located in between the neighborhoods of Arnon Hanatziv and Jebl Mukaber. 
“The minute that Abu Mazen [PA President Mahmoud Abbas] begins his speech, the Oslo accord is cancelled,” he said, since no state can take unilateral actions.
“We will never agree to any foreign statehood other than the state of Israel in our homeland,” he added.
Dep. Cmdr of the Moriah precinct, Yaakov Cohen, asked the MKs not to burn the flag. “This will disrupt public order and I ask you not to do this,” he said.
“I ask that you take care of the terrorists before you take care of us,” Ben Ari retorted.
When the MKs took out the Palestinian flag in order to burn it, police forcibly tore the flag of their hands, initiating a short scuffle between the twenty protesters and police.
Chanting “Strong Israel!” and “No more Palestinians!” protesters screamed at police that they had no right to stop them. Police arrested three right-wing activists.
“There never was a Palestinian state and there never will be a Palestinian state!” shouted an agitated Ben Ari as the protest began to disband.
“Instead of taking care of our enemies they are attacking members of Knesset. The UN is giving a tail wind to people who are trying to destroy the state of Israel! Sixty five years ago they gave us a little tiny piece of land. But this was ours and it will always be ours – we don’t need them and we will never need them. This is our land because it is our land, not because the UN gave it to us!” he yelled.
Eldad slammed the police’s use of force. “This was not an act to protect the order and the peace of Israeli society, it was a violent act of the police against members of Knesset abusing their force and preventing us as members of Knesset to express our objection to any creation of a Palestinian state,” he said.
 Let's go to the videotape.

Naftali Bennett, the new leader of Jewish Home, said on Thursday that the United Nations 'mess' is the result of Israel's schizophrenic policies.
"You can't support the establishment of a Palestinian state on the one hand, and on the other – wonder when the world takes action to establish it," he said. "This is schizophrenic policymaking."
Bennett added that "intensive negotiations" are underway with Ichud Leumi (National Union) with the aim of unifying the two parties in a common list ahead of the national elections.
"This is being carried out good-naturedly," he said. "I have instructed the negotiations team to respect the other guys, and make sure that unity is accomplished."
Bennett also denied having made a statement attacking Moshe Feiglin, which has been attributed to him recently.  "I respect him, and know he is a man with values who loves our land and nation," he added.
 He's definitely right about the schizophrenia....

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