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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video explaining Benghazigate in 30 seconds

Here's a video that explains Benghazigate in 30 seconds. It was done by the Women United PAC.

Let's go to the videotape.

PJ Tatler adds:
On the group’s web site, Women United PAC says that the Obama administration and the Democratic Party are treating American women with contempt:
Women United PAC speaks plainly: the Obama administration and the Democrat Party are waging war against women who care about the future of our country. They are hoping to distract women from the big issues, to focus on so-called “women’s issues,” thereby reducing women to mindless, sexual, reproductive vessels. This is not feminism; it is contempt.
We don’t buy it. We won’t have it. And we are tired of it.
Women United PAC knows that the devastating effects of Obamacare, the shrinking economy, the refusal to develop America’s energy resources, the overwhelming number of new regulations and penalties, the number of unemployed and underemployed, the uncertainty of small businesses, and the centralization of authority in Washington all represent a threat to our country’s future.
We know that women continue to serve our country proudly, having raised generations of good citizens and great Americans. Women have fought with paper and pen, waged campaigns, and organized civic institutions. Women have spoken up and demanded justice, our freedom, our right to vote, our jobs, our education and our equality, and are not about to permit the discussion about our country’s future decline into a discussion about paying for an individual’s contraception.
Women across America are alarmed at the direction in which our nation is headed. Our families, cities, and Nation are in crisis and the alarm is widespread.
We intend to speak and be heard, honoring the legacy of American women.
Anyone still wondering why Obama has lost his lead among women? There are other things that are more important to women than giving Sandra Fluke $9 per month for birth control. 

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At 8:50 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Let that hussy pay for her own promiscuity medicine.


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