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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Mount Hermon evacuated in face of attempted Syrian border breach

Along Israel's northern border with Syria, Mount Hermon (pictured) was evacuated on Wednesday after Syrians approached the border station. It is not yet clear whether the Syrians were armed or whether they were simply civilians trying to escape the pro-Assad forces. Mount Hermon is one of Israel's most popular tourist sites, with snow at its peaks most of the year, and was packed with holiday tourists.
The IDF evacuated tourists from the top of Mount Hermon Wednesday afternoon, after sighting dozens of possibly armed Syrians approaching the border in the Golan Heights.

The IDF said the suspects did not infiltrate the border into Israel. It was not clear whether they were armed.

Last week, mortar shells fired by the Syrian army strayed into Israel, striking northern Israeli farmlands.

The shells landed harmlessly in open fields, but exploded a short time after farmers were in the area.

The mortar shells were "aimed at villages inside Syria and are part of the internal, ongoing conflict in Syria," said the IDF Spokesman's Office following the incident.

The IDF also warned that "fire from Syria leaking into Israel will not be accepted."

It was the second time in as many months that Syrian shells strayed across the border into Israel.

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