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Thursday, August 30, 2012

BDS is not the Australian way

An Australian shoe store was occupied by BDS'ers protesting the fact that the store sells shoes from Israel. Australians are very supportive of the store's owner.
Owner Sally McGregor said activists had occupied her store until told to leave by police. They spent close to three hours outside and threatened to return each weekend. Sales -- already slow in the weak retail environment -- were significantly disrupted.

But a feisty Ms McGregor, a practising podiatrist for 25 years before opening the shop on a mission for better foot health, has no intention of backing down.

"I will not be bullied," she said yesterday.

Member for Oxley and parliamentary secretary to the Treasurer Bernie Ripoll, who has already fought the BDS movement in Brisbane, said yesterday the protest "offended every fibre in my body".

"These people are extremists," he said, warning he would not just stand by in the face of their protest activities.

Mr Ripoll said BDS tactics "are not the Australian way".

"The overwhelming majority of Australians who believe in tolerance and a fair go will no doubt be dubious about the tactics of these extremists."
If only the rest of the world were as clear-headed as the Australians. G'day.

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At 2:55 AM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

This is what ISM codepink and PSC did in London to Ahava.


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