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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tehran trying to go nuclear before US election?

Contrary to what's being reported in the international media, Iran is continuing its drive toward nuclear weapons according to a report from the opposition MEK obtained by the Jerusalem Post.
The report first appeared in the Die Welt German daily and was provided to the Post by Brussels-based Iran expert Emanuele Ottolenghi, who had been asked by the paper to verify its contents.

The report and various additional charts outline the different offices involved in Iran's weapons program and identify some 60 directors and experts working in various parts of SPND and 11 additional institutions and companies affiliated with the program.

The SPND headquarters is based in Mojdeh, a military facility near Tehran. The facility is headed by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, who has previously been identified by western intelligence agencies as the man responsible for the nuclear weapons program. He is under United Nations sanctions.

MEK also identified a facility called the "Center for Explosives, Blast Research and Technologies" - known by its Farsi acronym "METFAZ" - which is based in a five-story nondescript office building in Tehran's Pars neighborhood. Scientists there are responsible for building high-explosives for nuclear detonators and conducts its tests at the Parchin site, a facility long suspected of being connected to nuclear activity which Iran has refused to open to UN inspectors.

SPND, according to the report, is comprised of seven sub-divisions: 1) a division that works on the main element for the bomb, including the enriched uranium; 2) a division that shapes and molds the material needed to build a warhead; 3) a division that produces metals required for a nuclear warhead; 4) a division that produces high-explosive material used to cause a nuclear detonation; 5) a division which conducts research on advanced chemical materials; 6) a division that conducts electronic calculations required for building a nuclear warhead; 7) and a division which is responsible for laser activities needed for a nuclear weapon.
Read the whole thing.

Perhaps just like Israel is worried about not being able to attack Iran if Obama is God forbid reelected, Iran is afraid that if Mitt Romney is elected, the United States will be determined to stop Iran?

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