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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Syria: The more things change, the more they'll stay the same

Calling Israel Bashar al-Assad's best friend, a Syrian opposition leader has told a Saudi newspaper that there will be no normalization with Israel if the opposition takes over.
In an interview with Saudi newspaper al Youm, Ghalioun negated the possibility of normalizing relations with Israel, if and when President Bashar Assad's regime falls.

"We are convinced that the Syrian regime's strongest ally is Israel," he told the paper, adding that the international community's lack of action in Syria stems from concerns for the Jewish State's safety.

Ghalioun reiterated the Syrian opposition's position by which "the continued occupation of the Golan Heights severely undermines Syria's national sovereignty, which it will only regain after the occupied territories are returned."

Asked about a recent statement made by a member of the opposition, by which Syria will establish relations with Israel after Assad's fall, Ghalioun said: "Who is the fool who said such a thing?"
The heck with them. Let them go on killing each other.

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