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Friday, May 18, 2012

Irving Moskowitz gives a cool million to anti-Obama super-PAC

Another reminder that I'm in Boston for the Sabbath and therefore posting after the Sabbath has started in Israel.

Irving Moskowitz, a longtime supporter of Israel, has enraged the Left by donating $1 million to Karl Rove's American Crossroads, described as an 'anti-Obama super-PAC.'
Moskowitz's long-held desire, as he told the Washington Post in the 1980s, has been to "do everything I possibly can to help reclaim Jerusalem for the Jewish people."

Born in New York City in 1928 to Polish immigrants, Moskowitz spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Milwaukee. Coming of age as a Jewish teenager in a largely German immigrant city helped shape his personal Jewish identity, as did the loss of at least 120 family members in the Holocaust, according to speeches and writings by Moskowitz over the years.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Moskowitz moved to Southern California to launch his career as a doctor. Soon, he started buying up hospitals, which he would flip, beginning as early as 1969, to pay for land purchases in Jerusalem and for donations to settlers in the West Bank and Gaza.
I've just cited everything in the post that's not oozing with bias. The Left really hates Moskowitz. And we love him in Israel.

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At 9:10 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Oh, how the Left hates anyone from their client groups who "wanders off-reservation". Black conservatives are despised "traitors"; Conservative women are hated with a passion and get called every vulgar name in the dictionary; a Jewish American-a wealthy Jewish American- is "supposed" to be a leftard and donate his money to leftard causes, be a fervent Democrat. That explains Mr. Moskowitz being hated as a "traitor" under the Left's sick thinking.

My view is that a person being hated by certain groups and individuals is really a badge of honor. It means he/she has courageously stood for some righteous things.

So, Kudos to Mr. Moskowitz!


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