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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still anti-Semitic after all these years

Ben Shapiro reports that the departure of MJ Rosenberg from Media Matters has done nothing to cure its anti-Semitism. Rosenberg was a symptom and not the problem itself (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end with MJ Rosenberg.

Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert, one of the faces of the organization, has a dicey record when it comes to Israel and the Jews. On September 11, 2001, he wrote a piece for Salon.com defending American Muslims from the supposed anti-Muslim hysteria brewing. In that piece, he recounted a Muslim rally in Paterson, New Jersey:
"We won't rest until all the Jews are dead," said a burly young man. "Shame on America," said another bitter-faced youth. "For helping Israel to kill Palestinians," said a third.

In the wake of the WTC attacks, however, those brash sentiments were muted.
“We won’t rest until all the Jews are dead” is not a “brash sentiment.” It is openly genocidal anti-Semitism. But not to Eric Boehlert, apparently.
Read the whole thing.

I used to wonder why Andrew Breitbart used to constantly attack Bohlert, while he rarely said a word about Rosenberg. I suspect that Ben Shapiro is in the process of explaining that mystery. What's worse, Media Matters clearly has the ear of the Obama administration.

Shapiro calls Rosenberg's dismissal a media ploy. I believe that he's right.

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