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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OMG: Suicidal State Department ordered Customs and Border Patrol not to inspect Muslim Brotherhood delegation

Just when you thought that the Hussein Obama administraLinktion could not possibly endanger American security any more than it has already.... Last week, the White House entertained a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood. As if that were not bad enough, Steve Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism reports that the Obama-Clinton State Department ordered the Customs and Border Patrol to treat the Brotherhood delegation like diplomats and not to inspect them (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
This happened despite the fact that one member of the delegation had been implicated – though not charged – in a U.S. child pornography investigation, the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has learned.

According to senior enforcement sources and documents reviewed by the IPT, investigators had information tying Abdul Mawgoud Dardery to the pornography investigation that was based in Pennsylvania. He was the senior member in the four-person [Freedom and Justice Party] FJP delegation which held court with academic groups and met with senior officials at the White House and State Department last week. (For more on what they said, click here.)


A U.S. official familiar with immigration procedures told the IPT that extra inspection is standard operating procedure when a foreign visitor has been tied to criminal or terrorist activities. "Secondary inspections" involve going through the visitor's baggage and viewing the contents of computers and other electronic devices to search for evidence of illicit activity. Agents would typically search other members of the party to ensure Dardery did not hand off his computer equipment to an associate to avoid detection.

In addition, the Brotherhood's relationship with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas would have triggered extra scrutiny for the incoming delegation. But that "secondary inspection" never happened, a law enforcement source said. The State Department ordered CBP not to do it.

The State Department issued a cable specifically barring Customs officials from carrying out any inspections of Dardery and the other members of the delegation on their arrival at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. The immigration official described this action by the State Department as "extraordinary."

Beyond the State Department's prohibition on conducting extra scrutiny of Dardery and members of his delegation, the State Department barred US Customs officials from carrying out even the standard inspection mandated for foreigners arriving from Egypt, where an enhanced security program is in place as a result of the 9-11 attacks.
I am opening a betting pool on when the first 'successful' Islamic suicide bombing within the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii will take place. My guess is October 6, 2012. You are invited to put your prediction in the comments.

What could go wrong?

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At 8:05 PM, Blogger Moriah said...

Reminds me of the Taliban who didn't have his turban searched before he blew up some of our CIA in Afghanistan.They are setting a dangerous precedent and a misplaced sense of trust that just might blow up in their face. Pardon the pun.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

It's more than a dangerous procedural precedent. It's a policy decision to consider terrorists as heads of state even where they haven't been 'elected' to lead those states, yet. Mark my words, One of the first official visits to the Obama White House in 2013 will be a joint 'summit' of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.


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