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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

US ambassador to Israel: 'It's understandable why Israel would tell the 'human rights council' to buzz off'

US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro told a group of students at Tel Aviv University on Monday that Israel's decision to cut ties with the United Nations 'human rights council' is 'understandable.'
During a meeting with students at Tel Aviv University, Shapiro said that the Council "obsessively focuses" on Israel, while neglecting other human rights issues that are far more important and urgent.

The ambassador explained that the United States continues to sit at the Council in order to try shift the focus away on Israel and put it where it belongs, in Syria or Iran.

Shapiro also noted that the United States was the only member to vote against setting up the commission of inquiry, against ten European countries.
So here's the question: Is Shapiro speaking for himself or also for Obama and Clinton? I'd love to see someone ask Victoria Nuland that question at the State Department later on Tuesday.

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