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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kadima MK blasts J Street for not supporting Israel, demands that Olmert repudiate them

J Street, the pro-'Palestinian,' pro-Iran organization for Jews who believe that you can be 'pro-Israel' without supporting Israel, had a 'coup' last week when they landed former Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert to be the keynote speaker at their upcoming convention. Olmert, you will recall, is on trial on multiple corruption charges.

J Street got itself in hot water by accusing Israel of killing 'over a dozen' civilians (out of 16 dead at the time) in Gaza. At the time, there had been no civilians deaths in the current fighting in Gaza (there have since been two).

J Street retracted, but that wasn't enough for the Kadima party's token religious revenant MK, Otniel Schneller. He blasted them.
“At a time when a million Israeli citizens have been living in bomb shelters for four days and four nights, have not gone to school or work and anxiously await the next siren, the terrorists firing on them are getting encouragement and support, not just from Iran and Hezbollah, but also from the left-wing Jewish American organization J Street,” Schneller said in the Knesset plenum on Tuesday. “The anti-Israel and anti-ethical statement of J Street should serve as a warning for Israeli politicians and left-wing activists, including members of my party, against supporting and identifying with J Street, as they have done in the past,” he added.
Schneller also demanded that Olmert - who is also a member of Kadima - cancel his trip.
MK Otniel Schneller (Kadima) called Tuesday for former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to publicly distance himself from the far-left group “J. Street,” which has condemned Israel’s counter-terror activities in Gaza.

“While more than a million Israeli citizens have spent four days and nights in bomb shelters… the terrorists firing on them are getting encouragement and support not only from Iran and Hizbullah, but also from the Jewish-American leftist group ‘J Street,’” he said.

Olmert recently accepted an invitation to be a guest of honor at a J Street event, said Schneller. “I call on Mr. Olmert to repudiate this organization.”
I hope that Schneller doesn't seriously believe that Kaptain Korruption is going to cancel his one and only speaking engagement.

In the meantime, the rocket fire has resumed outright this morning, after most of the Negev's (southern Israel's) cities defied the IDF Home Command by disobeying their order to reopen the schools today. Sounds like the Mayors who made the decisions where right.

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At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idiot in an idiot party. They all deserve each other.

I hope that no other party ever takes a single fool from Kadima in, once the day comes where Kadima breaks apart at the seams. Inshallah!


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