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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breaking: Shots fired at Assad motorcade; UPDATED

A report has come in on Twitter indicating that shots have been fired at Bashar al-Assad's motorcade in Homs. No confirmation and no report of casualties yet. But the source is Sultan al-Qassemi, who is a journalist with the National (UAE) and is generally reliable.


Reuters now has more on this incident.
The report did not give further details and did not specify the origin of the shooting.

Syrian state television showed video of Assad, wearing an open-necked shirt with a blue suit, walking casually in the Baba Amr district, which was reclaimed by his forces earlier this month after 26 days of heavy bombardment.

"Life will return to normal in Baba Amr, better than it was before," Assad told a group of people shouting support for the president.


Assad, walking slowly through the streets under light rain, saw shattered and burned out buildings. He waved and smiled to small crowds who came out to greet him.

A spokesman for peace envoy Kofi Annan, representing the United Nations and the Arab League, said on Tuesday Assad had accepted basic terms of a peace plan that calls for national dialogue and does not hinge on his agreement to leave office and give up power.

"He thinks he won and scored a great victory," said opposition activist Saif Hurria, speaking by telephone from Homs.

"He wants to show the world he defeated and put down a revolution. But in fact he can't control Homs ... It seems he can't even release the video until he has left Homs. That is not control."

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