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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allen West gets it right again

God bless Allen West. Once again, he calls a spade, a spade. On his Facebook page, West refers to J Street as a pro-'Palestinian' Jewish organization.
Today on Capitol Hill there are lots of J-Street (Pro-Palestinian Jewish Organization) representatives, of course several have recognized me and wanted to chat. I just have to shake my head when these citizens ask me to believe in Iran and support a two-state solution. When I ask them if there is a willing peace partner on the other side, they respond by saying yes. When I ask them how does one negotiate with leaders who do not even recognize your existence, they respond with, you have to believe in them. Well, looks like I will have to save these people from themselves. I take a man at his word when he says he wants to kill me, I ain’t suicidal.
Well, he's got everything right except - maybe - for calling J Street a pro-'Palestinian' Jewish organization. I'm not sure how Jewish J Street is. It's not funded by Jewish money. And I'm not sure that the real priority isn't being pro-Obama even more than being pro-'Palestinian.' But other than that....

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