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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ron Paul a 9/11 troother?

Former Ron Paul aide Eric Dondero on whether Ron Paul is a 9/11 troother:
While it's good to see the mainstream media taking these questions to Ron Paul directly, Tapper and others have not fully pressed him on the matter.

What Tapper should have followed up with, was simply asking Paul if he ever posited the theory that Bush "may" have known about the attacks ahead of time. Notice how Paul adds the caveat "About the conspiracy - of Bush [definitively] knowing about this." That's not how it went down in Ron's offices in the 9/11 immediate aftermath. It was Ron often couching his terms with "might have known," or playing devil's advocate as in the case of "what if." This of course, gave him just enough wiggle room to claim that he never said that's exactly what happened back then, or as he is doing presently.

I maintain, as I have from the beginning of this, that it was Ron Paul's immediate reaction after 9/11 that is the largest of the scandals. The media has yet to press him on this. What I said a week ago, and I say here today, is that practically our whole district staff strongly objected to his threatening to vote against the resolution to go into Afghanistan. Up until the very last minute.
Read it all.

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At 6:01 AM, Blogger Jas Dal said...


I realize that you can't really look at all the facts. That there was a plan in place to invade Iraq prior to 911. Impossible for you to check out whether that is true or not. Facts are pesky things. But you will buy the conspiracy theory of 911. No problem with that one.

The best conspiracy theory ever. Strange tall man with long beard in cave instructs 12 sheep-herd­e­rs to defeat greatest military empire on Earth - using box-cutter­­s. Fly commercial jetliners. No experience necessary. Fly with better precision than top US air force pilots. Hit targets precisely. Done!

Conspiracy theories! What a hoot!

Your wars in the Middle East. Go fight them yourself. They are no concern of the US. Go solve your own problems. No more blood and treasure for your endless little wars of hate.

The $3 billion a year “free gift” from the US to Israel should stop. So should the $12 billion a year gift to her “enemies”.

Zionism is founded on the principles of self-reliance and self-determination. Yet Israel has no shame in accepting this charity from the US. And it comes with strings attached - control over Israeli policy.

The other $12 billion? Attempted control over the governments of the mid-east.

No shame, no gain is apparently the Israeli policy in accepting these ‘gifts’.

When will Israel grow up and determine it’s own destiny without the influence of the US?

Never, it seems.

(yeah, you'll never post this - only post things that support your view. The truth? Who needs it!)

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And his use of neo-Nazi mailing lists. And his opposition to tyrannical America meddling in the internal affairs of ... the Confederacy. Or his perambulations on chemical tracers being inserted into the new bills we issued some years back (that has some in Paul's Army squirting vinegar in their backyards to deflect those trace rays of The Man. Or his musing if the Mossad was behind the first WTC bombing. The question ought to be asked is there any harebrained kook conspiracy theory Ron Paul hasn't embraced.


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