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Sunday, January 08, 2012

250,000 foreigners in Israel

A report issued on Sunday by the Knesset Committee on Foreign Workers says that there are 250,000 foreigners in Israel, many of whom are here illegally.
According to the report, which was based on Interior Ministry figures from November, there were 88,864 legal foreign workers in Israel. In addition, there are around 95,000 people in Israel illegally on expired tourist visas, 31,000 Palestinians working legally in Israel, and around 45,000 African “infiltrators,” most of whom are requesting group protection status.

The figure also includes a few thousand Jordanian citizens and Palestinians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip who work in Judea and Samaria.

The report, titled “Non-Israelis in Israel: Foreigners, foreign workers, refugees, infiltrators, and asylum seekers 2010-2011,” does not include those who are in Israel on student visas or unexpired tourist visas.

The overwhelming majority of foreign workers perform unskilled labor, mainly in caretaking, construction, and agriculture.

Forty-eight percent of those who came in 2010 were men, and 74% came from Asia.

The main source countries are Thailand (7,600 – 24%), the Philippines (5,800 – 18%), former Soviet Republics (5,700 – 18%), India (3,000 – 10%), China (1,600 – 5%) and Nepal (1,500 – 5%).

As of October there were 8,259 construction workers in Israel, 24,532 working in agriculture, and 52,466 as caretakers.

Of those who came as tourists and overstayed their visas, most came in order to work, according to the report, and they are harder than average to locate because they don’t stay in immigrant enclaves or work in fields that are solely for foreign workers.
Read the whole thing.

This is a major festering problem. If we have problems with 'Palestinians' already who don't want to live in a Jewish state, what will happen in the future if we have another huge bloc of non-Jews who have no interest in living in a Jewish state?



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Stupid Jews.

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