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Thursday, December 08, 2011

With friends like these....

The 'progressive' wing that dominates the Democratic party is trying to push its Middle East policy toward favoring the 'Palestinians.' At least now the anti-Israel bent is out in the open (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
Two of the Democratic Party’s core institutions are challenging a bipartisan consensus on Israel and Palestine that has dominated American foreign policy for more than a decade.

The Center for American Progress, the party’s key hub of ideas and strategy, and Media Matters, a central messaging organization, have emerged as vocal critics of their party’s staunchly pro-Israel congressional leadership and have been at odds, at times, with Barack Obama’s White House, which has acted as a reluctant ally to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government.
And no, it is not the case that the 'most pro-Israel administration in American history' is having trouble controlling its underlings. This is a conscious effort from the Democratic party's vanguard to push the party to support the 'Palestinians.'

Read it all.

When I was a kid, we were told that we couldn't think of supporting a Republican because the Republicans were anti-Israel. The watershed event was the 1972 election, when many of us (including yours truly) broke with our parents over George McGovern (my parents told me "Nixon's a crook," and my response was "maybe he is, but at least he's our crook. McGovern will sell Israel down the river") Will today's or tomorrow's American Jewish kids be told that they can't think of supporting a Democrat because the Democrats are anti-Israel? Don't bet on it. After all, what's more important - the existence of a Jewish state or the unfettered right to abort Jewish children, God forbid?

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At 5:23 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

It's not just Jewish children. The abortion crowd wants unlimited abortion of any baby not wanted by the mom. I've been told endlessly (including by observant Israelis) that abortion is A-OK. Recently some Catholic nurses who wanted to opt out of late term abortions were pressured with "all you have to do is catch the baby's head at the end." Busted. The abortionists called "it" a "baby". I'm trying to find an article I saw recently (but I can't find it) that says American women are not aborting to get rid of girls for the first kid, but are more often for their second and even more for their third. I don't know where I saw it. If true it will ruin our society (lots of unmatched guys), just like polygamy apparently does (same reason). Anyway, abortion is king, including for (some? most?) Israelis... it's covered in your govt run health basket of benefits, right? Goose and gander... we need to think about this.


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