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Monday, December 05, 2011

Assad test fires SCUD missiles

Bashar al-Assad has had his army test fire SCUD missiles.


Sorry - the airline made us board the flight too early this morning. I wanted to add this from the link above.
According to the report, during the drill the army fired at least one Scud-B missile, which has a range of about 300 kilometers (roughly 190 miles), in the direction of the border with Iraq. It was further reported that 300 and 600-millimeter surface-to-surface missiles were also test fired. The missiles have a range of 150 (93 miles) and 200 kilometers (124 miles), respectively.

The government's mouthpiece said forces conducted the drill "with accuracy and achieved distinctive results," adding "the performance of the missile forces showed high spirits which represented the ability of the Syrian missile forces to defend the homeland."

The drill is apparently aimed at showing the region's nations that Syria's army is still functioning despite the civil uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime, which, according to the UN, has claimed some 4,000 lives so far.

The exercise also sends a message to the international community amid calls for NATO's intervention in Syria.
Notice that he fired those SCUDS at Iraq, where the US is in control, and not at Israel. Unlike the United States, our Commander in Chief would order the army to fire back. Heh.

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At 4:08 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

OT In other news, a book for our book discussion club... In the U.S. we spent year after year through the '90s attending parlor meetings, assemblies, etc. on this topic. Lots of donations from the corners of the outer fenceline for this effort. Fantastic results! Who wants to take on reading this and reporting on it?

From Gondar to Jerusalem: A Photographic Retrospective
December 5, 2011 by eJP
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Ethiopia’s Jews have been a priority for the Jewish Agency since the first major wave of Ethiopian immigration began in 1984 with Operation Moses and continued in 1991 with Operation Solomon. Today, Israel’s Ethiopian immigrant population is estimated at 120,000 – 15,000 of them children born in Israel.

BTW, Carl & Shy Guy, the concept of the Israeli govt welcoming these immigrants with open arms, and yet sliming the U.S. Jewish community for intermarriage, etc. has been stunning to watch. As you incorporated Jews into Israel, who look like the people where they come from, but attempting to exclude American Jews... obviously someone in these groups intermarried or all Jews would be identical, rather than being every race under the sun.

Anyway, looks like a lovely book!

At 4:13 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Oh wait... at the bottom of the photos, it looks like it is an exhibit, not a book. Well, maybe they will make a book out of it later.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Seems like a terrible waste of a perfectly good missile they could lob at their own people so that Obama can blame Israel.


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