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Thursday, November 03, 2011

'Palestinians' fire on Israelis building Gaza 'security fence'

'Palestinian' terrorists fired on Israelis repairing the Gaza security fence on Thursday. IDF forces protecting the Israeli workers returned fire. As of this writing, there are no injuries reported among the Israelis.
Palestinian terrorists opened fire on Israelis working on the security fence separating Israel from Gaza.

IDF forces on the scene returned fire, and exchanges of fire are still ongoing, an Army spokesman said. The Palestinian attack included mortar shells on the Israeli position.

No injuries among Israelis have so far been reported. The incident is taking place near Kibbutz Zikim in the Western Negev.

IDF tank shells were also fired at the terrorists.
In 2007, some 70 IDF soldiers in basic training were injured when Kassam rockets hit Kibbutz Zikim.

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